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Money does not make you happy. Yeah right! Like you're happier without money.

Money does not make you happy. Yeah right! Like you're happier without money. Who doesn't dream of a large inheritance, winning the lottery or… a successful bank robbery? Day in and day out we are busy with 'where do we get it from' and 'what are we going to do with it?'. But what exactly is money? Why is a tenner worth what it is worth? And who decides that? In CASH you dive into the world of money together with the actors. From the banking crisis to the gold supply, from bitcoins to market forces. In a mix of a heist movie (à la Ocean's Eleven) and challenging talk theater, euros, banks and the market are examined. Come and help set up a bank robbery. And if you succeed, how much money is enough for you?

This theater hit from 2013 was revived in 2016. Nastaran was awarded a Gouden Krekel in the most impressive stage performance category for her role in CASH.

Nastaran Razawi Khorasani wraps everyone around her finger, players and spectators, in the rapidly changing colors. She gives an ominous charge to the sharp text by Floris van Delft and Wouter Muller and shows in Van Delft's direction that she is capable of everything, from unreliable bitch to femme fatale and from strict business woman to seductive superheroine’, according to the Krekel jury.


Director: Floris van Delft Text: Wolter Muller, Floris van Delft Actors: Nastaran Razawi Khorasani (Gouden Krekel), Dennis Rudge, Rutger Tummers, Sus Verbruggen (2016) / Sinan Eroglu (2013)
Sound: Wim Conradi Light: Andrea Spoor Decor: Laura de Jong Costumes: Sara Hakkenberg
Video: Peter Raaijmakers, Huub Laurens

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