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Comedic drama series that wants to make the viewer contemplate current social themes such as the Islam debate, digitalization

The earth is still in deep hibernation when eight young women come together to celebrate spring. They worship nature with their fertility rituals. They fight, dance and seduce like in a cool fashion show. But then secrets and primal forces are unleashed. There must be a sacrifice.

Voorjaarsoffer is a modern coming of age story about peer pressure, hormones and fear of beauty. The threat of natural forces and the desire to break out turn these young women into charming monsters. Close to the skin theater, figuratively and literally because the audience sits around the performance surface.


Concept & direction Moniek Merkx Performers Anne Fé de Boer, Mees Borgman, Rochelle Deekman, Marieke Dermul, Jouman Fattal, Nastaran Razawi Khorasani (Gouden Krekel), Gale Rama, Lotte Rischen Music Joop van Brakel Choreography Klaus Jürgens Set design Sanne Danz Costumes Nicky Nina de Jong Light Gé Wegman Assistant director Saskia Driessen Choreography assistant Art Srisayam Image Noa Verhofstad Photography Phile Deprez Video Huub Laurens Producer Maas theater en dans

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